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  1. Q) How do I join?
    • A) Contact us through Facebook(<-better) or email:
  2. Q) Can anyone join in on trail rides?
    • A)Yes, as long as it is on the public page.
  3. Q) Do I have to own a Jeep to be a member?
    • A)Yes any jeep branded vehicle is welcome
  4. Q) How often does CVJ host events?
    • A) We try to host at least one a month
  5. Q) How do I contact someone?
    • A) Email: FB Messenger
  6. Q) Is there a cost to join?
    • A) Theres is no membership fee, the club is invite only. It is possible there will be park fees at certain trails
  7. Q) How do I post on the forum?
    • A) In the top right of the forum box you need to register an account. To be registered you need to click a link they will email you. Once that is done you can post topics and replies.
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