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  1. Membership is invitation only! If you have any interest in joining please PM an admin on Facebook with your info. Potential Members must adhere to the following rules.
  2. You must be willing to participate in club organized events.
  3. You must support unification of the club and represent a dignified organization.
  4. Members must have a decal present on their Jeep(Multiple Sizes Available): It can be located anywhere including under the hood. Be mindful that by displaying the decal you're representing CVJ
  5. Show respect to other members as well as other enthusiasts. No trash talking, belittling, or disrespecting any person or their Jeep(Friendly banter is ok).
  6. Membership is a privilege. Many events and functions CVJ represents have others involved such as shops and other companies so please be respectful to them and the communities involved.
  7. All members are asked to take place in at least 2 club activities per year including but not limited to trail rides, shows, meet-N-greets, and occasional meetings.
  8. There will be ZERO tolerance for any illegal activities including illegal 4-wheeling!
  9. Advertisement for other groups within our group is prohibited.
  10. Must have a Facebook and accept friend request from the admins so we can keep in touch.
  11. All events posted by member are not official CVJ events unless there is an Admin endorsing it.
  12. Posts on the CVJ members Facebook page are not to be shared to other pages without explicit permission from admins. Please keep our conversations private.
  13. CVJ is not responsible for your personal property.
  14. All Jeep branded vehicles are welcome!
  15. Be safe and have fun!
  16. If you're not sure of any of the above rules you can contact an admin for clarification.
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